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Native Plant References

Native Plant Reference Information

                    2011 , Michael Laurie

Thanks to the following for providing information that was used in the creation of this list: 


The following books will further your knowledge of the

native plants of our region and help you choose the

right plants for your gardening projects:

Flora of Mount Rainier National Park.

Biek, David.

Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2000. 506 pp.

Flora of the Pacific Northwest.

Cronquist, Arthur and C. Leo Hitchcock.

With illustrations by Jeanne R. Janish. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1973. 730 pp.

Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest

by Arthur R. Kruckeberg; University of Washington Press, 1982.

Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest

by Russell Link

Artwork by Lucia Harrison

Native Plants in the Coastal Garden: A Guide for

Gardeners in the Pacific Northwest

by April Pettinger

Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington,

Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska

by Jim Pojar and Andy MacKinnon

Sunset Western Garden Book

Kathleen Norris, ed.; Sunset Publishing Corp., 2001.

Trees and Shrubs for Pacific Northwest Gardens

by John and Carol Grant; Timber Press, Inc., 1990.

A Field Guide to the Common Wetland Plants of Western Washington and Northwest Oregon 417 pp.

Cooke, Sarah Spear, ed. Seattle: Seattle Audubon Society, 1997.

Perfect Plant, Perfect Place

by Roy Lancaster; DK Publishing, Inc., 2002.

Cascade-Olympic Natural History. Mathews, Daniel. Portland:

Raven Editions in conjunction with Portland Audubon Society, 1988. 625pp.

Wayside Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest. Strickler, Dee. Columbia Falls: The Flower Press, 1993. 272 pp.

Sagebrush Country A Wildflower Sanctuary. Taylor, Ronald J. , Missoula: Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1992. 211 pp.

A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

American Horticultural Society, DK Publishing, Inc., 1996.

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